Fake It Til You Make It

I have found that there are several business owners and entrepreneurs out here who want to grow and develop their business but are running on limited funds. They are so busy penny pinching that their business, marketing, and overall message is just a plain old mess. It’s no wonder they don’t have any clients! 

So you know what I tell them…………?
Fake it till you make it honey! That’s right! Fake it till you make it! So what you don’t have $3000 in your pocket right now and you can’t go to the workshops and retreats or the major networking events that are costing you every bit of $500-$600 (Yes! they do cost that much and sometimes more!) but you do have something to your advantage…
You have a weapon in your arsenal that you are overlooking. Its called your EXPERTISE! There is also a gun that has already been made for you that can help you advance to the next level until you get your business finances where you want and really need them to be and that gun is called…wait for it….wait for it…FREE! (lol) 🙂 
Yes! I recommend to all of my clients that are struggling financially to either get a part-time job to help alleviate the stress until they feel secure enough to go into their business full time or to take advantage of all the FREEBIES out there while maximizing their time effectively. 
Your clients and prospects should never be able to look at you and your business and tell that you are struggling and YOU as a business owner should NEVER have to struggle FINANCIALLY. So take advantage of the free websites like weebly, the free social sites that allow you to create pages for your business like Facebook, the free business cards like Vistaprint.com, and the list goes on.
The point is….You don’t have to struggle! You can make it and you will make it with a little effort, a big enough dream, passion, and some smarts and you are well able to go forward.
Let me tell you that I spend most of my days researching and cleaning up my business in any way possible. I even went to the library to check out books I couldn’t afford to buy just to take notes and apply it to my business and then I later went to the book store and purchased them for my collection. 
That is how you can fake it till you make it and when you start receiving your clients then you can begin the upgrades and changes to your business.
What are you struggling with in your business? What do you need help with and what needs to change?
How can you fake it till you make it? 

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